The Problem: This stuff is hard

Climate change is on the rise, and the call to adapt is all around us. Everywhere you look, people are adjusting in new ways, trying new things, and feeling the pressure of swiftly moving time in the face of unprecedented events. If you’ve ever felt the weight of these times, you are not alone. It can feel nearly impossible to affect change on your own- and the information is vast and often hard to absorb in a way that feels approachable and possible. It can be hard to scale what you read- how do you do this stuff in an apartment? What options are there for somebody without a garden? It’s a feeling that our team is all too familiar with- until inspiration hit. 

Who we are and what we do: 

We’re a small group of people that want to make change. The world is changing around us, and figuring out how to help has been overwhelming at times. We started out as a tour company. Sharing the wonders of our backyard with visitors, and later on building the Bubbles for those visitors to sleep in. We believed then that nature was the ultimate luxury, and that belief has only grown. That is why we’ve gone deep within ourselves to create Airmango- in the hope that we can build community, empower each other through shared knowledge, and use the tools that we already have to contribute to the change that we must all take ownership of. 

How your inspiration fits into the bigger picture:

We are always learning, and this is the beginning of our great dream. We are so excited that you are joining us now, to be a part of this community. The big problem of not knowing where to start has touched us all at one time or another, so we have to share what we know and lift each other up. Your personal journeys, the first time you’ve ever tried composting, the vegetable garden you began in an attempt to travel less to the store- we want to know about it. What have you learned along the way? What worked? What.. didn’t? 

(We could tell some real stories about the dead ends we’ve hit along the way- and the puzzles that we’ve been working out for months on end. The good news is, that by sharing them with each other, we’ve found a lot of answers- and a lot of new ways forward. We’ve all grown. We realized that on a larger scale- this could be a huge step forward! This could be the way to get moving.) 

We are all experts in something. We all have experiences, gained knowledge, inherited tips and tricks, and messages of encouragement to share. You don’t need to have the answer. Your JOURNEY is the power. And we want to see it. We believe in the inspiration that you can bring. 

So how do we do this?

This is a question that we will revisit many times. As we go, we will learn together what works the best- and everything else will be the meaningful experimentation that got us there. We want to share information together in this community, and we want to see how you use it. That’s why we are starting here with this brand new blog. Your written journeys can inspire us, your fellow community members, and anyone that happens upon it. There are so many of us out there, just looking for a way in. 

Your first experience learning about carbon sinks, microgreens, or even why none of your tomato plants seem to make it- all of these things and more could be the spark. Someone out there might have a piece of the puzzle- or might be moved to action by your story. 

The more we share together, the further we go on this journey. So right now, that’s the way forward. 

We will be recording our journeys in the blog here, and we hope that you will be, too. Every week, the post that inspires us the most will gets a chance to win a prize. Things like rental credit for one of our brand new Teslas, or nights in our unique accommodations- you’ll have to check back each week to see! 

Another way that you can help, is by spreading the word. Invite your friends, your family- anyone that you want to bring with you on our quest to save the world. We are powerful together, and there is no one too new to the topic to contribute.

These are small steps, but small steps move mountains. The experiences that you write here could inspire many others, and our gift of a magical night in a Bubble pales in comparison to the fact that you, are making change in our world. 

We are all in this together

Being the keepers of the Bubbles has been an incredible journey that we continue to find joy in. But we wanted to go beyond that. We hope that you will join us here in this new community, to help each other, learn from each other’s experiences, and share your own. Both with us, and with those that you bring with you. We hope that you will enjoy the rewards that we can trade for the gift of your inspiration, but also that you will feel the peace of knowing that you are here, and you are making a difference. No matter how small it starts out.