The power of stories

We’ve all got stories to tell. Unique experiences that we’ve collected over time. Wisdom passed down from generations before us. From the small to the strange, each story is our gift to the tapestry of our age.

We face an unusual time. The advancement of technology in past decades has been incredible- and so too, has been the advancement of the change of our climate. It feels like the brightest and the darkest of days at the same time. Choosing a way forward has perhaps never felt so overwhelming. Or so necessary. 

Where do remarkable stories come from?

In times like these, we look to our communities. To the pillars of strength around us, and the sustaining stories that they contain. In the sharing and telling of these stories, we can hope to find solutions, inspiration, comfort, and even tiny steps forward into action. 

We made Airmango so that we could use our resources to make space for these stories and their people. To create a community that will generate these ideas so that we might all make small steps forward, together. Inspired, surrounded by like-minded individuals, armed with the knowledge that might help us to live in a kinder way with our Earth.

What makes a remarkable story?

But what makes a remarkable story? What counts? The good news is that the shape of a remarkable story varies just as much as the people telling them. That’s why we want to hear from all of you.

We want to hear about creative problem solving, accessible solutions, and dreams. How did you learn to compost? Can you teach all of us? What’s the strangest thing you learned about biodiversity? And in answer- what’s the strangest thing you did to help? These feel like huge ideas, and some of them may very well be. But all of them were born out of curiosity, and a long journey that may span the lifetime of its teller. You can start telling your story at any point in your journey. 

What can I bring to the table?

You can write here about all of it. About what you don’t know, even. Your first failed home garden. Or the disaster of trying to plant a tree in your own yard. Maybe you didn’t know that you couldn’t plant cabbages near strawberries? Maybe your whole windowsill crop got wiped out by fungus gnats. Maybe you started bringing a reusable container to the shops for the first time. Or maybe you started a seaweed farm to offset more carbon than your family makes in a year! What problems did you run into? And more importantly, what steps did you take to solve them?

Some of these stories are big. But many of them are small, passionate, and held together with twine and hope. Both kinds are remarkable, and valuable to someone else’s journey, just like they were to yours. There is space for all of them here. 

Begin your journey, and win rewards doing it!

Bring yourself to this community. Bring your friends, your family, and everyone you know. But most importantly, bring your remarkable hard-won stories, so that we may all move forward together in pursuit of a better world. 

We’ll be here too, reading, catching up, and sharing some of our own. And we’ll be watching to showcase some of the most inspiring things we find- so that we can use our resources to reward that effort. Share your journey, and then kick back and refresh your brain at one of our Bubbles, so you can get back out there.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash