We are in the business of creating magnets

Sober Up

We work with unique magnets wanting to get off the OTAs hook. To participate in the 3 step programme you need to have the potential to have a medium to strong sustainable competitive advantages.


We visit your location and study it in regard to eliminating OTAs from your business. You will have a report in your hands.


We use our toolbox of innovation product we have to increase your uniqueness and sustainable competitive advantages

Revenue generation

We start with only one day in our inventory. We add more days when more sales come. Each day added means lower commission for you.

Unlock the brainstorming

The first step is to get a proper audit for your business.

Full on-location audit

We will use our methodology to analyse every aspect for direct selling. Price depends on distance to travel.

Price from ISK 29.900Buy

Mixed reality production

We study the area and if there are potential to create a mixed reality story telling

Prerequisite: Full on-location audit

Instagram branding

We focus on creating a unique instagram friendly brand partnering with your core operation

Prerequisite: Full on-location audit

Unique hot water experience

We setup on location our own wooden hot tubs with locally produced herbal ingredience

Prerequisite: Full on-location audit

Farm robot

Create unique culinary experience people want. Everything green produced at your property.

Prerequisite: Full on-location audit

Bubble ball rolling

We set up a place for the adventures to roll down the hill with our unique designed double bubbles.

Prerequisite: Full on-location audit