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We have built our business without any OTAs. Now we want to replicate
our zero commission methodology with our partner network of
accommodation, activity operators, airlines, and restaurants

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Why you should join

You get direct sales and you don't need to pay any
sales commission. Does it get any better?

Zero commission for zero emissions

Unlike other OTAs, we do not take 20-30% sales commission. We want to move this intermediary cost into making the world greener.

Green Acceleration Engine (GAE)

We build up a Green Authority Score for each operator over time and rank them on our site based on their score. Just as Google ranks operators based on their websites, we rank them based on their green initiatives.

No commitment

You don’t need to do anything. You can decide just to get free business with zero commission and love the extra juice. Of course, over time, this might mean a lower Green Authority Score.

You decide when you want to invest

We carefully select and verify Travel Architects. It will be hard for them to become verified! You will get a request when they want to stay for free. That is your investment. Each time you get a request, you can decide what you want to do.

We are developing a guide for ranking

We are developing a Green Acceleration Optimisation starter guide on what matters concerning ranking and how we do the assessment. This will be a dynamic document that we will constantly update.

Asset building. Not just a one-off

Giving a free stay in exchange for temporary exposure on social influencers’ accounts gives only a little peak in traffic - if any! Then it is gone. We add partners into our trips, and it stays there. You will slowly start building up an asset for direct sales.

Our first partners

Working with us on the same green mission

Hotel partner #1

Its entire operations have been granted environmental certification

Hotel partner #2

Its entire operations have been granted environmental certification

Hotel partner #3

Its entire operations have been granted environmental certification

Four steps to start investing

in your

 direct sales

Earlier you start better it is. It takes time to build up direct sales. We are also building up a Green Authority Score (GAS) for each partner and one of the factors we consider is how early you start along with all the other factors that will count in improving Mother Nature. Later we will publish a Guide on how you can improve your ranking by participating in green initiatives.


Sign up

Sign up and start the process. It will take you 30 sec to fill out the form and it moves you to step 2. We owe it to Mother Nature to start this regenerative process step by step.


We add you to the map for our Travel Architects

We are building up a map on google for all of our partners so they can see you. We will contact you if any further information is needed.


Travel Architects will see you on the map

The Travel Architects are the travel product creators. We select them carefully. They will now see you are open for collaboration opportunities on the map.


You will get collaboration requests

More travel products you are in, more likely you will start getting direct sales with 0% sales commission. We will use to send requests and you simply reply by clicking on no or yes.

Start building up your
direct sales today

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