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Nature is luxury

You will be provided with a free stay in luxury glamping units from our network of places in Iceland.

We have transparent heated bubbles, hanging bubbles and our northern lights viewing units. All authentic and something you have never seen before.


We are continuously working on creating new accommodation units you have never tried before. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get the newest updates.

Nature is luxury

We focus on developing units so you can experience nature directly. This can be stars, birds, sound of a river, northern lights and so forth.

Geothermal heated greenhouses

Support local farming community while help making the world a better stay.

Enjoy delicious food in great greenhouse settings. You can select from a range of set menus made with ingredient from the local farm communcity.

Support local farmers

We pay local farmers double what they get from the local agricultural system. We can do this as we have no intermediaries and keep cost very low.

CO2 programme

We pay local farmers double. Hence most of them want to work with us. We select them based on how CO2 friendly they are and push them to initiate new projects based on the certified Project Drawdown

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