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by fostering a paradise

Get all the benefits of corporate philanthropy programs but get the money back too!
Join by investing in our nature-backed green bonds.

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Why you should join

We build genuine opportunities for preserving & rewilding nature
by creating new extra income for landowners

Long term royalty

When customers feel good buying from a company they will continue to do so but they will also advocate on your behalf. This will lessen the marketing need.

Encourage sales

Customers like to buy from companies sharing same purpose. They know their buying is helping changing the world. 81% of millennial's say they want to support brands that give to charity.

Create a strong internal culture

Fostering the right purpose can have strong impact on employees happiness and engagement. Having happy and motivated employees means your brand is thriving.

Get free C02 credits as a bonus

By investing in our nature-backed green bond you will get the C02 credit from the natural paradise you foster as a nice bonus for free.

Create a strong brand story

It is important to develop the right story. With the right story you can inspire customers they are helping making the world better by buying your products. This needs to be genuine and that is what we offer.

No cause washing. This is real.

"Causewashing" is a real problem. Just as green washing is a problem. You need to have your heart in it and you need to support something genuine - and ongoing. Customers see right through this if you don't do this correctly.

Our first opportunities

Join us developing them into nature paradises and foster the purpose

Höfði degraded upland

Reforesting of Höfði degraded upland area in south Iceland

Opportunity #2

This could be the opportunity you foster

Opportunity #3

This could be the opportunity you foster

Invest in nature! We are


 Airmango Asset Fund I

What if you could invest in green bonds where the proceedings would be invested in sustainable glamping using only 2% of the total area. The revenue stream from this would then amplify the preservation & rewilding of the 98%. We are searching for partners wanting to explore this methodology in a pilot project!



We are looking for brands that wants to put the planet first. It is not about green washing or cause washing. It is about doing the real thing - preserving and rewilding nature.



We are searching for landowners / forest owners wanting to preserve and re-wild nature but still get strong revenue stream from the land they own.

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