Become a Travel Architect

Become a Travel
Architect and

have more freedom stop working 9 to 5 shoot great photos get free fly tickets help the nature thrive earn income traveling

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Travel Architect

You love building amazing travel experiences, likes
our impact mission and ready to lead the change.

More freedom

Do what you love - travel & create - and start earning income. Hopefully one day you can quit your 9-5 job. Dreams sometimes come true.

Earn Income

As a Travel Architect you will get 5% commission for the Airmango part of each itinerary (Tesla car rental and unique accommodation)

Tesla car rental for free

We will provide Tesla 3 LR free of charge for Travel Architects while they work on creating their tours. This includes charges for electricity.

Freebies in our network of partners

We are building up a network of partners in the travel sector in Iceland. Often they can provide a free stay.

Free stay in The 5 Million Star Hotel

You will of course be able to stay in our 5 Million Star Hotel for free. This can even be 2-3 days.

The first verified Travel Architects

Our first verified Travel Architects that have already inspired us and are
working on creating the first tours


Travel bloggers

Anthony Kdo

Photo & Videographer

Jonathan Harper

UX Designer & Cameraguy

4 Steps to Become a



Inspire us with great trip ideas work, take part in the community, create value for others, connect with others and convince us you should be the next verified Travel Architect. While doing this we select each and every day a winner for a one night stay gift card at our 5 Million Star hotel in Iceland.


Send Us an Idea

Tell us where you are going next. This can be in the local community you know everything about or some far away place. We then schedule a video chat as the next step so we can get to know you.


Create a Trip Plan

Let us do some planning. That is always good anyways. Use the tool you like being it a simple Excel sheet or any other tool and lets get into some more details.


Travel & Publish the Trip Idea

Now do the tour. We have set up group for the trip idea in our community at this stage. Update it while you are travelling so we can follow. From this we then collaborate on publishing a great trip idea as the final step.


Inspire Us & win Airmango gift cards

Connect with others. Share your experiences in solutions groups. Tell us about new ideas fitting our mission. Engage and inspire others. All this will inspire us and help with find the next verified Travel Architect.

Let´s start something
amazing together

Tell us about your next trip. Where you are going in the world and what you plan to do.

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