How come do I care?

I’m the kind of person who likes to understand what’s the actual meaning of doing something I do. And that’s also the case when it comes to taking positive actions that have an impact on climate change and current environmental issues. I sincerely do care and I feel it’s important to share the source of that feeling. 

A few years ago something shifted in me as I started spending more time outdoors, I started to feel a deep connection with nature but it was always out there, not inside my home. But then a blob came into my life. Yes, a blob. It looks like nothing,  it kind of stinks, but God knows how much I love it. Like many I started having an interest for home made bread, that’s when the actual magic happened.. the fact of creating a sourdough starter sealed the bond I have with nature,  we are part of the same bacterial and yeasty environment and every little farts it makes is a little joy for me. We are part of a sensitive ecosystem and all of our actions have an impact, my blob is alive because of the complexity of the air we both breath. I care for my blob, I care for myself and I care for you, that feeling is the fire that makes me take  positive actions on a daily basis.

Praise Bob the blob.